Major Events


The first golf ball was invented.


The first golf balls were made a long time ago. The clubs and balls were made out of fashioned wood and they came from the East Coast of Scotland.

The Renaissance

1400 - 1600

The Renaissance was when people had great advances in astromony, geography, chemistry, physics, and other fields.

The piano the Spinet was invented.


The Spinet was a piano that was invented 1400. Many Spinet pianos exist still today leftover from the time of manufacture.

The Age of Exploration

1400 - 1600

The Age of Exploration was when people thought of being something else then being whatever they were so they explored new land to find gold, glory, and to spread the word of God.

France captures duke Ludovico Sforza

April 15 1500

Trying to escape as a Swiss Ludovico was caught by the French and captured.

The treaty of Granada

November 11 1500

The treaty of Granada divided France and Aragon Naples.

The French established a settlement in Detroit.


Apprantly Detroit and France were having problems because when France found out about Detroit they thought that would be the perfect place to be.