Alaska History


Bering's First Journey

April 1726 - June 1727

Bering and his men traveled the rivers around Alaska and explored the wilderness and coasts

Cook's Voyage

1768 - 1771

It was the first of three voyages across the Pacific Ocean, which Cook commanded.

First permanent Russian Settlement


the first permanent Russian Settlement was established in 1784 at Three Saints Bay on Kodiak Island.

Baranov named First Russian Governor

1799 - 1818

First governor of Russian Alaska, chief manager for an important Russian-American company.

Purchase of Alaska


Russia sold the Alaskan territory because they were scared of the British declaring war.

Gold Rush

1896 - 1899

40,000 people rushed to Alaska but only about 4,000 struck gold.

Territorial Organic Act of 1912


It was an act that created a legislative assembly in Alaska, to decide and discuss actions made by the state, and other branches in Alaska.

(WWII) The islands of Attu and Kiska were invaded


During this period the Aleuts were forcibly pushed from their lands and put in some terrible locations. The Aleuts experienced a high mortality rate from sickness in these poorly scouted relocation camps.

Anti-Discrimination Act in Alaska


This act provided equal privileges, homes and opportunities to all citizens in the Alaskan territory. And provided penalties to any and all violators of this act.

Constitutional Convention

February 5 1956

Alaskans wanted to create a constitution of their own apart from the Federal one so in the 1950s the government sat down, wrote it out, got it approved by congress and in 1956 they a respectable constitution.


June 30 1958

Ted Stevens helped draft the Statehood act and it was granted after a sympathetic senator from Nebraska got the rest of the house to sit down and think about the Bill.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


A wildlife refuge in the northeastern part of Alaska it contains 19,286,722 acres and is the largest refuge in the U.S. today.

Anchorage Earthquake

March 27 1964

An earth quake that affected south-central Alaska creating ground fissures, collapsing structures, and tsunamis. The earthquake caused about 143 deaths

Alaska Permanent Fund established


It was created to to give Alaskan citizens an extra opportunity to save money and receive a portion of the state's revenue from mineral resources to benefit all generations of Alaskans.

ANCSA - Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

December 23, 1971

Signed by Richard Nixon, it was the largest land claim in U.S. history. the ANCSA was intended to solve the issues about native land claims in Alaska, as well as to motivate economic development throughout Alaska.

Conservation Act


it is a law providing 15 National Park Service properties, and set aside other public lands for the United States Forest Service and United States Fish and Wildlife Service. this act put aside 100 million acres.