English History



Approx. 1500 CE - Approx. 1800 CE

Great Vowel Shift
The English Renaissance
Printing Press and Standardization
The Bible
Dictionaries and Grammars
Golden Age of English Literature
William Shakespeare
International Trade

Start of English Renaissance

Approx. 1501 CE

William Tyndale prints his English translation of the New Testament of “The Bible”

Approx. 1526 CE

William Shakespeare writes his first plays

Approx. 1590 CE

Robert Cawdrey publishes the first English dictionary, “A Table Alphabeticall”

Approx. 1604 CE

Publication of the first English-language newspaper, the “Courante” or “Weekly News”

Approx. 1622 CE

Samuel Johnson publishes his “Dictionary of the English Language”

Approx. 1755 CE

Britain wrests control of Canada from the French

Approx. 1763 CE

Last native speaker of the Celtic Cornish language dies

1777 CE