Western Cultural History


Roman Republic

509 BC - 27 BC

Patricians overthrow the Roman kings.

Golden Age of Greece

479 BC - 431 BC

Flourishing of history, math, philosophy, medicine, and science.

Peloponnesian wars

431 BC - 404 BC

Athens and Sparta to determine who will control Greece.

Aristotle teaches Alexander

343 BC

Alexander concurs Persia

331 BC

Alexandria becomes a Center of Learning

307 BC

Museum and Library is established by Ptolemy.

Lighthouse of Pharaohs is Built

275 BC

Colossus of Rhodes is Finished

275 BC

First Gladiators in Rome

264 BC

Septuigint is Written

255 BC

Second Punic Wars

219 BC - 201 BC

First use of water wheels and gears

200 BC

rededication of the temple

165 BC

Judas Maccabeus rededicates the temple

Foundation of First Tech. College.

105 BC

Heron founds the school in Alexandria

Virgil is Born

70 BC

Horace is Born

65 BC

First Triumvirate

60 BC

Caesar is elected consul along with Pompey and Crassus.

Caesar in Gaul

58 BC - 50 BC

Pompey defeated at Pharsalia

48 BC

Caesar defeats Pompey.

Pompey murdered by Cleopatra

47 BC

Judea Annexed by Rome

6 BC

Jesus Christ is Born

4 BC

Pantheon in Rome

30 AD

Adoption of Julian Calender

46 AD

Year now lasts 365 days with leap year.

Persecution of Christians

64 AD

The persecution spreads the Gospel.

Temple Destroyed by Titus

70 AD

Constantine Baptised

313 AD

Constantine dies as well.

Council of Nicea

325 AD

Augustine is Born

354 AD

Vulgate is Finished

405 AD

Jerome finishes the Vulgate.

Visigoths Sack Rome

410 AD

Middle Ages

450 AD - 1450 AD

West Rome Falls to Barbarians


Justinian Emperor of Byzantine


Benedict forms Monasticism


Franks Stop the Muslims at Tours


Golden Age of Islam Begins


Vikings start to raid

793 AD

Erik and Leif Erickson Explore Greenland


Schism of the Church


Normans Concur and Feudalism begins