Chris Kangas Timeline




Moved into new house with sister, and mom

July 1996

Parents divorced

July 1996

Mom met boyfriend

December 1996

Mom got engaged

May 1998

Me, mom, and sister moved in with mom's boyfriend

July 1998

Mom got married

May 2002

I stopped talking to my biological father


Diagnosed with depression

September 2007

Nephew Born

October 2008

Great Grandma passed away

December 2008

Got first job

November 2009

Bought first car

January 2011

Met girlfriend, Katlin

March 2011

Graduated MSHS

June 2011

Moved out of parents house

July 2011

Totaled car

June 2012

Bought new car

July 2012

Katlin found out she was pregnant

August 2012


October 19, 2012

Grandfather passed away

November 5, 2012