The Emergence of Modern Europe

The chruch

Pope Boniface VIII issues the Unam Sanctum


He declared papal supremacy. Declaring that not following the will of the Pope is not following the will of God.

Babylonian Captivity

1305 - 1378

When the French Popes are under Philip II's command

The Great Schism

1378 - 1417

When there are three Popes, which wont resign and have all excommunicated each other.

The council of Pisa


Never accomplishes anything but adds the three Pope into reign.

The council of Constance: elects Pope Martin V and ends the Great Schism

1414 - 1418

John Hus a leader against the chruch is burned at the stake


Pope Martin is elected and ends the Great Schism

1417 - 1431


Hundred Years War

1337 - 1453

War with England and France between the English lands in France.

War of Roses: red-Lancaster won

1455 - 1485

A war between nobility for power after the war. The Lancaster house won.


King Philip IV's reign

1285 - 1314

The Golden Bull establishes a system for the election of the HREmperor


Tomas de Torquemada, Queen Isabella's confessor

1420 - 1498

Louis XI reign in France


Ferdinand of Aragon marries Isabella of Castile


Queen Isabella of Castile's reign

1474 - 1504

King Ferdinand of Aragon's reign

1479 - 1516

The Inquisition begins operating in Castile


Herny Tudor becomes King Herny VII of England


The Inquisition begins operating in Aragon


Charles V becomes Holy Roman Emperor



Regimontanus:he thought of the mathematical equation for the universe

1436 - 1476

Copernicus:heliocentric theory

1473 - 1543