Ancient Civilizations



3100 BCE - 100 BCE

Early dynasty from 3100BCE to 2600BCE, old kingdon from 2600BCE to 1800BCE, middle kingdom from 1800BCE to 1300BCE, new kingdom from 1300BCE to 500BCE, 100BCE is the fall of egypt. Around 3100BCE Egyptians started using hieroglyphics. During 1200BCE egypt started growing papyrus. Alexander the great conqueried egypt and many more places. In the later years Egypt was roman territory. In 2630BCE the first pyramid was built for djoser .in 500BCE egypt got attacked by the babylonians. Egypt fell with the death of cleopatra VII. king tut(ankhamun) ruled from 1332 to 1323. First man made mummy was made around 3500BCE. In around the old kingdom they made a justice system. During the new kingdom they imported wood and bronze.


2800 BCE - 2200 BCE

Early dynastic 1 from 2800BCE to 2600BCE, Early dynastic 2 was from 2600BCE to 2500BCE, Early dynastic 3 was from 2500BCE to 2200BCE at 2200BCE Babylonia took over Sumer. 2500BCE literature was first used by the sumerians. 2047BCE to 1750BCE is know as the sumerian renaissance. In 4500 the city of uruk was founded. 2700 hatti started trading with sumer.


2400 BCE - 2100 BCE

Akkad ruled Mesopotamia creating the first empire, akkad is taken over by the gutians in 2100 BCE. In 2334 to 2279 sargon conquered Syria.


2000 BCE - 1500 CE

From 2000 to 1000 BCE was early pre-classic maya,1000 to 200 BCE was Mid pre-classic, 200BCE to 0 CE was late pre-classic, 0 CE to 200 CE was proto-classic, 200 to 600 BCE was early classic, 600 to 800 CE was middle classic, from 800 to 1100 was late classic, from 1100 to 1400 CE was early post classic, from 1400 to 1500 CE was late post classic.


2000 BCE - 500 BCE

After the fall of sumer from/or around that land rose babylonia. From 2000BCE to 1700BCE was amorite rule, from 1700BCE to 1500BCE was kassite rule. From 1795BCE to 1750 hammurabi was the king of Babylon. In 601 BCE king nebuchadnezzar II failed to attack egypt.


1300 BCE - 300 CE


800 BCE - 200 CE

Etruscans was from 800BCE to 400BCE, the Roman republic was from 400BCE to 0CE, the roman empire was from 0CE to 200CE, 200CE is the fall of rome


400 BCE - 200 BCE

Byzantine Empire

200 CE - 1400 CE

In around 200CE rome was cut in half by barbaric attacks the western part died off and the eastern part was renamed and and founded by Constantine the first renamed Constantinople, from 395 to 408 was the reigh of arkadios, in 506 a peace treaty was signed between them and the persains

Middle ages

500 CE - 1500 CE


1400 CE - 1500 CE

In 1425 viracocha built the inca empire, in the 1520’s there was a civil war and the inca lost


1400 CE - 1500 CE

In 1450 there was a major drought.