Hitler Biography timeline


Hitler born

April 20, 1889

Adolfus Hitler was born in the small Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn.

Hitler acquires Anti - Semetic belief


Hitler moves to Vienna, Austria, where he lives on an orphan pension and support from his mother. Anti - Semitism was popular among politicians, whom Hitler " praised " and so this inspired his Anti- Semetic belief.

Hitler in WWI

1914 - 1918

Hitler was an unusual soldier for the fact that he had a sloppy manner and unmilitary bearing. Though he had these inadequecies, he was eager for the thrill of adventure.

Hitler joins German Workers Party

1919 - 1920

During his time serving in WWI, Hiter worked part time for the German Workers Party. After the treaty of Versailles was signed, Hitler started working for the German Workers Party full time. He started working his way up to the hierarchy and changed the party name to the Nazi Party.

Hitler made leader of Nazi Party


Hitler had a talent for public speech. Because of this talent and his many others, he became leader of the Nazi Party and started speaking in front of larger and larger crowds.

Hitler goes to jail

April 21, 1924

Hitler was sentenced to 5 years in prison for treason.

Mein Kampf published


Mein Kampf, a book by Adolfus Hitler wasn't written like a normal book. He dictated the story to his cellmate, Rudolph Hess, who later wrote it down and published it. It sold poorly, because people bought it hoping for an insight on his reason for being jailed and instead got hundreds of pages of hard to follow sentences.

Hitler released from jail

Feb 26, 1925 - 1933

After 9 months in jail, Hitler was released and had realized his mistake. He made the decision to run for president of Germany. Hitler and his Nazi party rose to power in Germany during The Great Depression and they promised to make Germany great again. This gave Germans hope, but instead of Hitler winning, Paul Von Hindenburg, his challenger, won instead. But, in 1933, Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor. Observers called this " A short and simple ceremony."

First concentration camp made

March 1933

Dauchau concentration camp was the 1st Nazi concentration camp in Germany. It was located on the grounds of an abandoned munition factory near the medevial town of Dauchau, about 16 km northwest of Munich in the state of Barvaria, which is located in Southern Germany.

Hitler becomes Fuhrer of Germany

August 1934

After Hindenburg died on August 2, 1934, Hitler was appointed Fuhrer of Germany.