Grant Achatz


Personal Life

April 25, 1974

Grant was born on April 25, 1974 in St. Clair, Michigan. He is an American chef whose culinary innovations made him a leader in the cuisine inspired by molecular gastronomy. He is 43 years old and married to Angela Snell.

Career start


Achatz grew up working at his parents' family restaurant in eastern Michigan. After graduating school he served a brief and unsuccessful stint at Charlie Trotter's eponymous Chicago restaurant.



Grant graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

Past Employment

1996 - 2001

Achatz persuaded California Chef Thomas Keller to hire him at the French Laundry, then one of the country's most acclaimed restaurants. Later he took charge of the kitchen at Trio restaurant near Chicago.

Career highlights

2002 - 2003

He was named Best New Chef by Food and Wine magazine and Rising Star Chef by the James Beard Foundation

Present employment


Grant opened his first restaurant called Alinea. He is the head chef there.

Other relevant experiences

July 23, 2007

Grant was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the tongue. He was told that he would have to get surgery to remove his entire tongue and he'd never taste again. He denied surgery because of his work. He did an experimental treatment that worked, although he lost some of his sense of taste, so he cooked by smell. His sense taste later returned.

Career highlights


Published a hardcover coffee table book including more than 100 of the restaurants recipes, called Alinea

Present employment


He opened his other restaurants: The Aviary and Next. He is the current owner of all three restaurant. He has created the menus for each.

Why you chose them


Grant's style of cooking is unlike any we have ever seen. His work is very intriguing, a meal at one of restaurants consists of 20 courses. This is possible because of his study of molecular gastronomy which makes the person eating his meals not feel full. After seeing a video of dessert being served on a bare table, we were so fascinated that we HAD to chose him.