slave rebellions

The most sufficient rebellions in histroy


white and black, Gloucester, Virginia


The first rebellion documented, it was in Gloucester, Virginia

all black rebellion, Virginia


the first all black rebellion

Afcian's gold coast


The most significant New York rebellion

Indian and black revolt


One of the first Indian and slave revolts. They start out by putting a city on fire and ran to the forest, while the whites put out the fire and then were found and killed.

Stono Rebellion, South Carolina

1739 - 1740

German Coast rebellion


The plan was to destroy sugar and other plantations, free every slave in the state and take control of New Orleans,but failed and were killed

nat turners rebellion


On august 22 Nat started his rebellion by killing his master. by the afternoon he had group of about 60 slaves, but were met by a white militia and were killed



The most successful slave revolt on a American ship.the slave after some battle seized control and set course for the Bahamas and given freedom