Basketball Timeline


Dr. James Naismith Invented Basketball


Dr. James Naismith an Canadian born invented the sport of Basketball which is now one of the most played and famous sports in the world and impacts millions of lives across the world.

NBA was founded

June 6, 1946

On June 6, 1946 the NBA (National Basketball Association) was founded now the NBA is one of the 5 major leagues in sports today and is watched by millions of fans across the world.

Toronto Huskies

July 1, 1946

Long before the Toronto Raptors their were Toronto Huskies that played when the the NBA was first founded. The Toronto Huskies alongside the New York Knickerbockers played in the first ever NBA game ever. The Toronto Huskies only lasted for one year and then it was removed from the league.

24 Second Shot Clock


The 24 Second Shot Clock was first introduced in the 1954-1955 season. Because of the Shot Clock teams stared to average more points because their is a time limit in where you have to score the ball before their was no time limit and could have the ball for how long you wanted to.

Bill Russell


Bill Russell was drafted into the NBA in 1956 and now is considered one of the greatest players ever because of his strength and leadership Bill Russell was able to win 11 championships in his 13 years playing in the NBA. He was a leader on and off the court he was fighting for equal right because he was getting discriminated by people for being black.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Kareem is considered the greatest center to ever play the game of basketball because of his achievements and his unguardable sky hook. Kareem in his career won 6 championships, 6 mvps and is the leading scorer in NBA History.



Espn allowed Basketball game go on National tv so the whole country could watch them.

Magic Johnson


Magic Johnson is considered the greatest point guard of all time because of his all around ability of playing all 5 positions and being too tall for his position. Magic won 5 NBA championships in his career and won finals mvp in his rookie season.

3-Point Line Invented

October 12, 1979

The 3-Point line was invented in 1979 which allowed teams to score 3 points instead of only 2 or 1 points.

Micheal Jordan


Micheal Jordan is considered the Greatest Basketball player of all time. He changed the entire landscape of the NBA when he joined the league. He won 6 championships , 6 finals mvps., 5 league mvps in his career.