10 major energy events


First Electric Car


Gaston Plante powered a car with a lead-acid battery.

Edison's First Light Bulb

October 14, 1878

Thomas Edison's "first" light bulb was an extremely inefficient incandescent bulb.

First Coal Power Plant


After Edison's discoveries, the Edison Electric Light Station was built in London.

Hoover Dam


The Hoover Dam was built in 1935. It's construction happened during the great depression to employ people. It was a major hydroelectric energy source and it controlled floods in the region.

First Megawatt Sized Wind Turbine


The wind turbine was invented in Vermont by Palmer Putnam

First Fission Reactor

December 2 1942

The first human made nuclear reaction occurred in the Chicago Pile-1.

First Atomic Bomb

July 16, 1945

The first atomic weapon utilized nuclear fission. Splitting the atom produced super large amounts of energy.

First Practical Solar Cell

April 25, 1954

Bell Labs creates the first practical silicon solar cells. These were somewhat affordable and efficient.

Three Gorges Dam


China constructs the world's largest hydroelectric power plant.

American Clean Energy and Security Act

June 26, 2009

This bill put a cap on the amount of greenhouse gas American energy sources could produce each year.