history of healthcare


New Cancer Treatment

Approx. 1915

A new treatment called "radiotherapy" was now being used

Clinical Trial Advancements

Approx. 1917

scientists began running clinical trials "blindly" , neither subject knew if they were receiving a placebo or the actual treatment



Wilhem Rontgen took the first x-ray picture of his wife's hand

Insulin Hormone

Approx. 1922

Dr. Fredrick Banting discovered the insulin hormone could treat type 1 diabetes

Blood Banking

Approx. 1923

doctors discovered separating the plasma from the blood cells allowed for longer storage and less reactions


Approx. 1928

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin

Vitamin Supplements

Approx. 1930

scientists were able to concentrate vitamins into a pill form

World Health Organiziation


the world health organization was established to improve health worldwide

Organ Transplant Advancement

Approx. 1954

doctors combined immunosuppresive drugs and tissue typing to find organs faster and reduce the chance of rejection

Heart Surgery Advances

Approx. 1975

doctors began having higher success rates when performing heart surgeries