Timeline PE Life Concepts

Development of physical education

Johann Bernhard Basedow


-He was German reformer.
-He was one of the first to see the benefits of physical activity .
-Introduced physical activity into the school curriculum.
-He also began the modernization of gymnastics. Johann B. set the ground by emphasizing the importance of physical exercise.
-He also emphasized, "the importance of correct physical exercise by requiring a unique uniform to be worn by his students."

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

1778 - 1852

-A German considered the "Father of modern gymnastics".
-He introduced many of the different gymnastic activities and incorporated them into the school curriculum.
-Friedrich Ludwig Jahn "emphasized that physical education not only strengthens the body, but also the moral values.
-Incorporated simplicity in physical education showing it could be easy.
-Lastly, he emphasized that physical education requires designated areas by opening a school."

Denmark's Bill of 1814


-The Denmark's Bill of 1814 created mandatory physical education for the first time.
-This led to more legislation about physical education like in 1866.
-When California was the first state to pass laws on physical education.
-This led to the Normal Institute of Physical Education being founded in Boston in 1861 because it showed that physical education needed to be taken seriously and was an important area of study.
-This showed the first time people were starting to realize that physical education was important and needed to be included in education.

George Bancroft and Charles Beck


-George Bancroft and Charles Beck where also part of this physical enforcement.
-George Bancroft showed that physical education is important no matter where not only to help your country.
-He opened the first physical education school in America.
-Additionally, Charles Beck translated Jahn's works into English for the first time.
-He was not the only first physical education teacher in America, but build the first gymnasium in America.

Physical Education in America

First school to have a physical education curriculum


Round Hill School was the first school to have a physical education curriculum

Catherine Beecher


Started an early form of aerobics

Charles Follen


Opened the first college gym at Harvard and the first public gym in Boston

Committee on Women's Athletics


Created by the American Physical Education Association.

Physical education gaining recognition in United States Colleges

July 29, 1950

Most of the United States universities had majors in physical education

Title IX


Banned sexual discrimination in schools for athletics and academics