Indigenous rights timeline


commonwealth of australia


Commonwealth of Australia formed. Indigenous Australians are kept out from the survey and the lawmaking powers of Commonwealth parliament

aborigines protection act nsw


the aboriginal protection board had full control and full custody of all aboriginal children

indigenous family


The Aborigines Protection Amending (NSW) gives power to the Aboriginal Protection Board to separate Indigenous children from their families without having to establish in court that they were neglected.

day of mourning


Day of Mourning held by the Aborigines and the Aborigines Progressive Association. It was the first major protest by Indigenous people. They protested about “Aborigines Claim Citizen Rights” and the newspaper “Abo Call” was published.

rights to family


The NSW Aborigines Protection Board loses its power to remove Indigenous children. The Board is renamed the Aborigines Welfare Board and is finally gone in 1969.

indigenous voting


if the indigenous people are enrolled for state elections or have served in the Armed forces they are allowed to vote

federal council


the federal council for the advancement of aborigines began a ten year campaign to end discrimination against the indigenous people

commonwealth elections


All indigenous people are given the vote in Commonwealth elections



90% of Australians took a survey and voted YES to give the commonwealth government the power to make laws and rights for indigenous Australians