Darwins Observation


Plymouth, England

27 December 1831

Charles D. aged 22, embarks on the HMS Beagle Voyage as the ship captain’s assistant.

Cape Verde Islands

January 1832

Darwin's exhilarated his first observations.

Crossing the Equator

February 1832

He crossed the equator and went through a lot of troubles with the weather and waves in interfering with his work.

Punta Alta, Argentina

February 1832

Darwin finds fossils bigger then last time.
“I am almost sure that many of them are quite new.”

Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

December 1832

Captain Robert Fitzroy returns 3 native people and attempts to start a Christian mission that fails disastrously.

Falkland Islands

March 1833

He saw different types of rocks depending on their ecosystem.

Rio Negro, Argentina

August 1833

He saw a new type of civilizations in the pampas.

Chiloe Island, Chile

January 1835 - February 1835

Darwin sees mount Osomo experiences eruptions and aftermath
The earthquake made the island smaller.

Galapagos Islands

September 1835 - October 1835

Species of birds’ plants and tortoises were found with different varieties.

Sydney, Australia

January 1836

Marsupials were discovered by Darwin.