WH Proyecto


Aztecs start to build their capital, Tenochtitilan

Approx. 1325

Aztecs start to build their capital, Tenochtitilan

The Aztecs begin recieving a series of bad omens

1517 - 1519

Montezuma, the Aztec Emperor and his people are filled with a sense of foreboding as they take witness to many bad omens

Cortes meets Malinche

February 1519

After defying the governor of Cuba Diego Velasquez, Cortes arrives on Potonchan and meets Malinche who speaks Mayan and Nahuatl allowing Cortes to communicate with the Aztecs

Cortes´ expedition hits Mexico

February 1519

Cortes defies the Cuban governor, Velasquez and sails to Yucatan

Cortes receives gifts from Aztec officials

April 20, 1519

Cortes continues to sail and arrives on the Isle of Sacrifices. There he is met by Teudile, a steward of the Aztec Emperor Montezuma and under Montezuma´s orders Cortes was showered with gifts.

Cortes shows the Aztecs his power

April 20, 1519

Cortes shows Teudile and his men the strength of his cavalry and his cannons that left Teudile and his men trembling in fear