Human Rights


The Magna Carta

June 15, 1215

The cause of the Magna Carta was that King John was demanding that he receives large amounts of money and he placed severe punishments for minor crimes and therefore the lords and the church forced him to sign the Magna Carta

The Petition of Rights

June 7, 1628

The Petition of Rights was written by Parliament because it was to be used as a objection to overreach of authority by King Charles l

Englesh Bill of Rights

December 16, 1689

It make there be a separation of powers and it limits the power of the king and queen with enhances the democratic election and it bolsters the freedom of speech

The Declaration of Independence

July 4, 1776

The Declaration of Independence was written to explain to the other countries why they had separated from Great Britain

The Declaration of the Right of Man and of the Citizens

August 26, 1789

The Declaration of the Right of Man and of the Citizens was adopted by the French government after the French revolution to allow freedom to the people and to also allow for people to have freedoms such as freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

December 10, 1948

The universal deceleration of human rights was adopted by the United Nations after world war 2 to ensure the lives and safety of people all around the world.