Unit 7: Cold War (Continued)


CIA overthrows the leader of Guatemala

June 1954

Eisenhower believed that Guatemala had Communist sympathies because it had given more than 200,000 acres of American-owned land to peasants.

Warsaw Pact formed

May 1955

The Soviets were fearful that West Germany was allowed to join NATO and thus, formed its own military alliance.

Soviet invasion of Hungary

November 1956

Soviet Union attacked Hungary for clashing against Communism and wanting to leave the Warsaw Pact.

Eisenhower Doctrine established

January 1957

The U.S. would defend the Middle East against attack by any Communist country.

Sputnik launched

October 4, 1957

Soviets used an ICBM to push the first unmanned artificial satellite (Sputnik) above the friction of the earth's atmosphere.

Fidel Castro takes control of Cuba

January 1959

U-2 incident

May 1, 1960

The CIA began making secret high-altitude flights over Soviet territory which weakened Eisenhower as a peacemaker.

Bay of Pigs

April 17, 1961

CIA trained hundreds of Cuban exiles secretly for an invasion of Cuba to trigger and uprising and fall of Castro.

Berlin Crisis and the building of the Berlin Wall

August 1961

East Germans were fleeing to West Germany because East Germany had a failed Communist government and economy. Soviets built Berlin Wall to regulate East German Refugees.

Cuban Missile Crisis

October 1962

U-2 planes discovered Soviets were secretly building missile bases in Cuba.