Jack the Ripper


Mary Ann (Polly) Nichols, murdered, noticed that killer might be left handed. Found near the Essex Wharf.

August 31, 1888

Annie Chapman, murdered, many internal organs removed. Neighbour heard a woman scream No and then a thud against the fence.

September 8, 1888

Letter received on the 27th but written on the 25th.

September 27, 1888

First letter received on the 27th but dated the 25th signed by Jack the Ripper.

Catharine Eddowes murdered, many face cuts reported. Found in Mitre Square.

September 30, 1888

Elizabeth Stride murdered, noticed that knife used was a surgical utensil. Berner Street.

September 30 1888

Postcard received, sent on the day of two murders.

October 1, 1888

Mary Jane Kelly murdered, Body found next to clothes neatly folded.

November 9, 1888