Social Welfare History


Colonial Period

1600 - 1800

Elizabeth Poor Laws


Welfare Policies that came with the immigrants from England

legislation for disable soldiers


Virginia Colonist passed the 1st legislation recognizing services and need of disabled soldiers and sailors base on special work and contribution to society.

Playmouth relief cases


Playmouth Colony enacts a poor law directs that relief cases to be discussed at town meeting

The Settlem Act


Law of settlement and removal is passed by the English Parliament to prevent movment of indigent groups from parish to parish to search of relief.

Work House Test Act


This act is psse by the English Parliament as a mean of forcing unemployed people to work for relief,

Pre-Civil War Era

1801 - 1860

Indor Relief


Communities created residential institutions or indoor relief houses for the poor, asylums for the people with mental problems and orphanages for children with no parents.

First free school for the deaf


first free school for the deaf, The Gallaudet School is founded in Hartford Conneticut

Institution for the deaf


The first institution for the deaf people is establish in Kentucky.