Space Timeline


First sighting of the Halley's Comet

240 BC

Chinese astronomers discovered Halley's Comet for the first time ever

First Major work of astronomy


contains the movement of the sun, the moon, and the five planets known at the time

Earliest surviving astrolabe (precise measuring system) is made


This is the most advanced instrument of their time. It was created by Mohammad Al-Fazari

First refracting telescope is made


This spreads rapidly throughout all of Europe and it is a revolutionary space invention/discovery

Discovery of Uranus


William Herschel first mistakes it as a comet, but then realizes that its another planet in our solar system

Neptune is discovered


Johann Gottfried Galle makes the discovery of Neptune, the last planet in our solar system

First space shuttle to orbit the Earth


Russia launches the first ever space shuttle to orbit the Earth, called the "Sputnik 1".

Neil Armstrong land and take the first human steps on the moon


Apollo 11 lands on the moon and Neil Armstrong is lucky enough to become the first person to walk on the moon

Constructing of the ISS begins


The humongous ISS is beginning to be built by many different countries