Jack The Ripper


Polly Nicholas died

31st August 1888

Polly Nichols (working prostitute) Polly developed a drinking problem and was forced to work into working as a prostitute, so that she could get money to live. However doing this caused her to die. She was found dead, and the police surgeons confirmed she was cut to the throat and slashed.

Jack The RIpper began his killing spree

August 31 1888

Annie Chapman died

8th of September 1888

Annie Chapman, was a responsible person until her daughter died at the age of 12, This caused Annie’s drinking problem, without a job, she needed money, so she turned to being a prostitute. She was thrown out of her room at 5:00 am, and “ went to get her money” (prostitution). Annie was found dead in a backyard at 5:30 am on the same day.

The Police received letters from "Jack The Ripper"

25th of September 1888

The police started receiving letters and several of them included threats and the womens body Parts, The killer saw this as a sick joke. The Letter had some gruesome threats. He claimed that he had the “red stuff” ( Blood) that he would use as ink, but it went “thick like glue” I believe that this letter is merely another fake and not Jack The ripper himself. This is because he would’ve used the blood if he really was the ripper; Also a lot of the population were still farmers and it would’ve been easy to get your hands on an animals kidney.

Lizzie stride was murdered

29th of September 1888

Lizzie stride, was last seen drunk and leaving a pub with an unknown man, It is believed she was a prostitute and this man was one of her ‘clients’ . Later on in that night Elizabeth Stride was found dead, Her throat wes bent back into her spine. However the rest of her body was untouched. One theory is that the cart driver had interrupted the rippers work and caused him to hide in the shadows, this meant he couldn’t finish mutilating the body, as he was disturbed during his killing-spree.

Catherine Edowes was another women murdered

30th of September 1888

Catherine Eddowes was a working prostitute in order to pay for her room. At 12:05 on The 29th of september, she was arrested for pretending to be a fire engine whilst drunk, she was released later in the morning, however at 1:00 am she was found gruesomely murdered, “she was sliced down the body and her intestines were removed and strung over her shoulder, The killer had also removed her kidney and uterus.

Mary Jane Kelly Murder

9th Of November 1888

Mary Jane Kelly, was also a working prostitute and had rent that was 6 weeks overdue, her Landlord went to see her for her rent. Last seen drunk and singing in the street on the 8th of November. Mary Jane Kelly was found dead, cut to the throat and slashed to the face. Her landlord found her this way, on the 9th of November 1888.

Theory of The murderer and also The month of M.J Druitt committing suicide

December 1st 1888 - December 31st 1888

December 1888, There was a source that they never found the killer because he wasn’t alive; he had committed suicide, much like , M.J.Druitt who committed suicide in December 1888, the month when the murders ceased. His cousin said that he claimed he was the Ripper in a pamphlet he wrote.