Jack the Ripper


Polly Nichols- Found mutilated and murdered 31st of August 1888

31st of August 1888

Her name is Mary but she is known as ‘Polly’, was a mother of five and divorced. Polly developed a drinking problem and was forced into being a prostitute to get money. 3:40 am the 31st of August she was found dead, police surgeons confirmed she was cut to the throat and slashed.

Annie Chapman or known as ‘Eliza Ann Smith’- Found mutilated and murdered 8th September 1888

8th of September 1888

When Annie’s eldest daughter died at twelve, she turned to drink in her grief. Annie’s marriage then broke down. After she left home and became very ill Annie was then selling flowers and her body for money. She was thrown out of her home at 5:00 am, and “went to get her money” prostitution. Annie was then found dead in a backyard at 5:30 am on the same day.

One of the alleged Jack the Ripper letters- 25th September 1888

25th of September 1888

The police started receiving letters and several of them included threats and the women's body parts. The letter writer saw this as a sick joke. The letter had some gruesome threats. He claimed that he had the “red stuff” (blood) that he would use as ink, but it went “thick like glue” I believe that this letter is merely another fake and not Jack the Ripper himself. This is because he would’ve used the blood if he really was the Ripper. Also, a lot of the population were still farmers and it would’ve been easy to get your hands on an animal's kidney which the 'supposed' Jack the Ripper sent in the letter.

Lizzie Stride also known as Elizabeth or ‘Long Liz’ was born in Sweden- Found mutilated and murdered 29th September 1888

29th of September 1888

Last seen drunk leaving a pub with a man, her body was found with her throat cut back to her spine, whilst the rest of her body was untouched. One theory is that the cart driver had interrupted the Rippers work and caused him to hide in the shadows, meaning he was disturbed during his killing- spree and he couldn’t finish mutilating the body.

Catherine Eddowes- Found mutilated and murdered 30th September 1888 within an hour after being let out of jail for being drunk.

30th of September 1888

Catherine also known as ‘Kate’ took to prostitution to pay for her room after divorcing and separating from her three children. 12:05 am on the 30th of September, she was arrested for pretending to be a fire engine whilst drunk. She was released later in the morning, however at 1:00 am she was found gruesomely murdered. Catherine’s body was found ripped open and her intestines had been pulled out and laid over her shoulder. The attack was very violent and the killer, amongst other horrible unspeakable acts, had also taken away her left kidney and uterus.

Mary Jane Kelly also known as ‘Black Mary’ or ‘Ginger’ - Found mutilated and murdered 9th November 1888

9th of November 1888

Mary was twenty-five and young and attractive compared to the other victims of Jack the Ripper. Her murder looked “more like the work of a devil than of a man”. Strangely Mary’s clothes were found folded neatly and placed next to the bed where she was found murdered. Mary was also a prostitute and was drunk on the night of her murder like all of the other four victims of Jack the Ripper.