Jack the Ripper


Polly Nichols

31st August 1888

Polly Nichols body was found. Polly had developed a drinking problem and had an argument with her father. She didn’t have a place to live or a source of money, she had to find her money a different way. At 3.40am on the 31st of August a cart driver found a body lying in front of the entrance to his stable and was unsure if she was dead or just drunk. A police surgeon came to the conclusion that she had been dead for about half an hour.

Annie Chapman

8th September 1888

Annie Chapman was murdered. She was married to her cousin John and had three kids together. Her oldest child died when she was 12, she turned to drinking to help with her sadness. Her and John's marriage broke down and she left the family home. She suffered from tuberculosis and was trying to survive by selling flowers and working as a prostitute. Early on the 8th of September a witness saw Annie talking to a dark man at around 5.30. Her body was found at 5.55am.


25th September 1888

A mysterious letter was sent to someone from Jack the Ripper. The letter was had poor spelling and many grammatical mistakes. I think that this letter is real even though they had heaps of letters sent in this one matches the events that had occured. The ripper was probably planning to do a lot of bad things to Lizzie Stride but there is a theory that the horse and cart interrupted the killer. This also makes sense of why there are two murders so close together because he didn’t do a good enough job on Lizzie and that is why the third murder is so horrible. In the letter is specifically says about how he is going to cut her earlobes off. Because he got interrupted he didn’t have a chance to do this so in the next murder he had to.

Lizzie Stride

29th September 1888

Lizzie Stride was murdered. Lizzie moved to London in 1866 and married her partner John Stride they divorced in 1882. After the divorce Lizzie started dating a man called Michael Kidney. She was always drunk and Michael tried to lock her up to stop her from going out to drink. She was last seen leaving a pub in the early hours with a strange man. A market trader was entering the yard as he found a body lying on the ground. There is a theory that the cart driver interrupted the killer and that is why her body was so deformed.

Catherine Eddowes

30th September 1888

Catherine Eddowes was murdered. Married to Thomas Conway they had three children together. After divorcing him and separating from her family she turned to prostitution to be able to pay for her room. She was arrested by the police outside a pub when she was drunk pretending to be a fire engine the evening before her murder. At 12.55am she was let out of the police station and at 1.45 Police Constable Watkins was walking into Mitre Square and when he shone his lantern into the corner he found Catherine’s disfigured body. Her intestines had been pulled out, the killer had cut a v shape into her eyes and cheeks, the tip of her nose had been sliced off and the killed had taken her left kidney and uterus.

Mary Jane Kelly

9th November 1888

Mary Jane Kelly was murdered. After being born in Ireland she moved to London where she was married. Her husband was killed in an accident. She was young and attractive and without a husband to support her she took to prostitution and worked in a brothel. She was last seen alive but drunk, singing in the streets. On the early morning of the 9th of November at about 10.45 her landlord went to her room wanting her rent money to find her body lying on the bed dead with her clothes folded neatly placed next to the bed.