Jack the Ripper


Polly Nichols

31st August 1888

Polly Nichols body was found at 3.40 am by a cart driver. She was a mother of 5 children and had a husband. When Polly developed a drinking problem after fighting with her dad, Polly then . had to find a different way to make money. A police surgeon examined the body and said that Polly had been dead from about half an hour.

Annie Chapman

8th September 1888

Annie Chapman was murdered and her mutilated body was found at 5.55 am. After Annie’s 12 year old daughter died, she turned to drinking to help her cope. Annie sold flowers and became a prostitute after leaving her family and suffering from tuberculosis. Early morning september 8th, she was thrown out of her lodging house because she could pay and was then seen talking to a ‘dark man’ at 5.30 am, shortly before she was murdered.

The Letter

25th September 1888

I think the letter was sent on the 25th of September. This is because for Lizzie's murder on the 29th he could have been planing to cut her ear lobes as referred to in the letter. However he could have been afraid that he could get caught, as the man who found her body, his horse was spooked. The following murder which was the day after, the body was very badly mutilated with the earlobes cut unlike last time. This is is possibly a reason why the two murders were so close together, so he could do what he originally planned to do. I also believe that the letter was real as it matches what happened with the murders.

Lizzie Strid

29th September 1888

Lizzie Strid was last seen leaving a pub (she was always drunk) with a man early in the morning on the 29th of September. A market trader who was coming home with his pony found her body at 1 am after his horse was spooked by something. Louise the market trader allerted pub house drinkers that there was a woman outside either dead or drunk. They saw that her throat cut back all the way to her spine, but the rest of the body was mutilated.

Catherine Eddowes

30th September 1888

Kate turned to prostitution to pay for her room after she left her family. On saturday the 29th, she was arrested for being drunk and pretending to be a fire engine. At 12.55 am she was let out of the police station and at 1.45 am a policeman found her body badly mutilated. Her intestines were draped over her shoulder, v shapes were cut through her teeth and eyes, her ear lobes were nicked and the tip of her nose was cut off. Jack the Ripper also took away her left kidney and uterus.

Marry Jane Kelly

9th November 1888

Mary Jane Kelly was 25 when she was murdered. She was young and pretty unlike the other victims. Her husband was killed in an accident and with no one to support her she became a prostitute and worked in a brothel. On the 8th of November Kelly was seen drunkenly singing in the streets. Mary's landlord came into her room at 10.45 on the 9th of November. Mary was seen dead on the bed and her body was mutilated, her clothes were folded neatly on a bed.