Civil War Timeline


Lincoln's election


Lincoln was the first member of the republican party to be elected as president

South Carolina

december 20 1860

1st state to sucessfully secede from the union

Formation of the CSA


The motto of the CSA was: Under God, Our Vindicator


january 9 1861

second state to secede from the union


january 10 1861

third state to secede from the union


january 11 1861

fourth to secede from the union


january 19 1861

fifth state to secede from the union


january 26 1861

sixth state to secede from the union


february 1 1861

seventh state to secede from the union

Lincoln's inauguration

March 4,1861

Roger B. Taney administered the presidential oath

Fort Sumter

April, 1861

The 1st battle of the Civil War, a victory for the CSA


april 17 1861

eventually West Virginia seceded from Virginia and joined the union once more


may 6 1861

third to last state to join the CSA

North Carolina

may 20 1861

second to last state to secede from the union


june 8 1861

last state to secede from the union and join the confederate states of america

First Bull Run

July 1861

Confederate victory, Union troops lead by Irvin McDowell and Confederate troops were lead by Beauregard and Johnston

Union Draft


an act for enrolling and calling out the National Forces


april 1862

more american men fell during this battle than ever before in any war

Confederate Draft

april 16 1862

allowed men who owned more than 20 slaves to be exempt from the draft

Capture of New Orleans

april 25 1862 - may 1 1862

Union capture of the largest confederate city


september 17, 1862

Single Bloodiest day in the Civil War


december 11 1862 - december 15 1862

Union troops led by ambrose Burnside, Confererate troops led by Robert E. Lee

Emancipation Proclamation

january 1 1863

claimed all slaves in confederate territory to be forever free

suspension of Habeas Corpus

march 3 1863

provided the release of political prisioners


april 30 1863 - may 6 1863

Lee's perfect battle because he split up his troops and attacked from both sides, and won

death of stonewall jackson

may 10 1863

buried in the stonewall jackson memorial cemetary


may 18 1863 - july 4 1863

final major military action in the Vickburg Campaign


july 1 1863 - july 3 1863

Union troops lead by George Meade, Confederate troops led by Robert E. Lee

Reelection of LIncoln


ran against McCleallen, who had no respect for Lincoln


july 22 1864

Union victory, led by William Sherman, after the victory union troops started Shermans march to the sea

Savannah (Sherman's ,march to the sea)

november 15 1864 - december 21 1864

Sherman gave President Lincoln the city of Savannah as a christmas persent

appomattox court house

april 9 1865

the site of robert e. lee's surrender to the union army. THE END OF THE WAR!!

assassination of lincoln

april 15 1865

happened on good friday at the ford theater

Capture of JW Booth

april 26 1865

he fled on horseback to a farm in maryland, where he was captured

capture of Jefferson davis

may 10 1865

was planning to flee to texas before he was captured



green- Lincoln's life
purple- battles
dark blue-executave orders/laws
light blue- Confederate
pink-civil war drafts
yellow-surrender of the CSA
black- states secession