World War 1 Events


Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assasined

June, 1914

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot during a drive through Bosnia's capital city, Sarajevo.
This was said to be the match to spark World War I.

Austria Declares War with Serbia

July 28, 1914

The war between Austria & Serbia was expected to be short. This was a result of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Germany Enters War

August 1, 1914

Germany enters the war against Serbia because of an alliance treaty with Austria-Hungary.

Merchant Ship, "Lusitania," Sinks

May 7, 1915

German u-boats attack and sink a merchant ship of supplies. 1,198 people were killed and 128 were Americans.

First Battle of Sommes

July 1, 1916 - November, 1916

A trench war between Germany & Britain. Tens of thousands died on the first day alone.

Zimmerman Note

January 19, 1917

Britain agents intercept a telegram from Germany to Mexico about Germany asking Mexico to side with them and make an attack the US.

Germany Orders U-Boat Attacks

January 31, 1917

German forces decide that ANY ship in British waters. This included ships that were hostile and neutral.

US Enters War

April 2, 1917

US Supreme Court rules to enter into World War 1 with the Allies. Days later Congress passes the resolution and the US was then officially entered into the war.

Selective Service Act

May, 1917

The Selective Service Act, the draft, called for all men ages 18 and on to register with the government to potentially be chosen at random to be deployed to the war overseas.

Battle At Meuse-Argonne

September, 1918 - November, 1918

America beats the Central Powers, creating a key advance towards the end of the war.

Austria-Hungary Surrenders

November 3, 1918

The Central Powers of Austria-Hungary means, lost a lot of ground and surrendered to the Allies.

World War 1 Ends

November 11, 1918

After close to 4 years of fighting, Germany surrenders to the Allies, ending "The Great War."