The Gilded Age


The California Gold Rush Starts

January 1848 - 1855

Thousands of miners travel to California (and West) after the discovery of gold, starting at Sutter’s Mill. This helped California gain statehood in 1849.

25 million Immigrants to the U.S.A.

April 1861 - July 1914

National Grange of Patrons of Husbandry


Sought to counter the new power of corporate middle-men with cooperation and mutual aid. With Grangers, labor advocates and workingmen’s parties rallying together, the Greenback-Labor Party was formed. They advocated for producerism and dismissed bankers, middle-men, lawyers and idlers (anyone who they thought was “taking” the money away from laborers).

Knights of Labor Est.


A group that would become the most important union of the Gilded Age, beginning as a secret society of garment workers in Philadelphia that became a national movement by 1877. Terence vs. Powderly.

Department Store EST.


Created by John Wanamaker, introducing the rise of decorated storefronts, advertisements and billboards

Great Railroad Strike


A strike in West Virginia in response to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O) cutting wages of workers for the third time in a year. Striking workers would not allow any of the trains, mainly freight trains, to roll until this third wage cut was revoked.

Chinese Exclusion Act


Chinese laborers were not allowed to enter the U.S.

Haymarket Square Incident

May 4, 1886

Violent protest by anarchists who advocated for a stateless society. It resulted in 4 anarchists executed, 1 committed suicide and the rest sent to prison. This led to more violent protests and strikes, and the creation of blacklists and “yellow-dog” contracts.

Control by 1900


By 1900, the 100 largest companies controlled 1/2 of the nations productive capacity (of oil).
By 1900, 1/3 of women in the work force were domestic workers, 1/3 were in the office/teacher/nurse/sales, 1/3 = industry
By 1900, 1/5 of kids under 16 years old worked.
By 1900, 75% of kids in NYC and San Fransisco had at least 1 immigrant parent.

1st Magazine with 1 million Subscribers


Ladies’ Home Journal is the 1st magazine with 1 million subscribers