Unit 4 - Timeline

This is a timeline about the first annual sports competitions to start.


Physical education was stamped into schools as a requirement


The 1800's. Physical education was first stamped into the school system in 1820 when gymnastics, hygiene, and care of the human body found its introduction into the curriculum.

The start of physical education


Physical education did not become a formal requirement until after the civil war, when many states put the physical education requirement into law.


In 1855, the practice of physical education was truly born in the United States, beginning with a city school system in Cincinnati, Ohio, which became the first entire schooling system to implement the program.

Other counties started to rely physical education as well


California followed soon after, in 1866, as the first state to pass a law requiring twice a day exercise in public schools.

First football competition

November 6, 1869

November 6, 1869. The first football tournament held in a collage.

First baseball world series

October 1, 1903

October 1, 1903. The first annual baseball world series ever held.

First soccer world cup

July 13, 1930

July 13, 1930. The start of the first annual soccer world cup.

Over 400 United States colleges and universities were offering physical education to teachers.


By 1950, over 400 United States colleges and universities were offering the physical education major to teachers.

Physical education decreased in many educational institutions

1980 - 1990

In later years, physical fitness programs saw cutbacks during times of recession, and in 1980 and 1990 many programs were dropped from educational institutions.