Energy Throughout The Years


Refined oil was used for light and heat

Approx. 2000 B.C. - Approx. 200 B.C.

Refined oil was used for light and heat

The use of salt water for gas evaporated energy was put to use

Approx. 200 B.C. - Approx. 1 B.C.

Wind powered energy was begging to be used in Europe

Approx. 1300 - Approx. 1769

Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic rotation

Approx. 1821

Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb


Hydropower energy was being used for electricity

Approx. 1880 - Approx. 1895

First coal fired electric station was placed in New York

Approx. 1882

Nikola Tesla Invents the electric alternator


Mass production of automobiles began

1890 - 1900

Demand of gasoline

Albert Einstein published his work for nuclear reactions