Tayllor's Timeline


Early Humans and Neolithic Revolution

Humans First Domesticate Animals

10000 BCE

This is when Humans first found out that they could train animals inorder to work for them. This made things very easy on the humans because they did not have to do as much work anymore.

Neolithic Revoulution begins, Humans first Agriculture

8000 BCE

The Neolithic Revolution was the discovery of Agriculture. This is how they started making food.

Wheel Invented

5000 BCE

First Civilazation

Civilization Develops in Ancient Mesopotamia between Tigress and Euphrates

4000 BCE

Mummification begins in Egypt

3600 BCE

Ancient Egypt decided to mummify their dead because they wanted to preserve them for their after life.

Invention of first writing system (CUNEIFORM - PICTOGRAM LANGUAGE)

3000 BCE

People had just figured out how to communicate through drawing pictures. This was the first written language.

Egyptian goverment ruled by a pharoah

2700 BCE

First set of Written Laws

1792 BCE

Ancient Mesopotamia came up with the first set of written laws that people had to follow. This set of laws where called The Code of Hummarrabi.

World religions

Abraham founds Judaism

1800 BCE

Hinduism founded in Inia (BHAGAVED GITA WRITTEN)

1700 BCE


957 BCE

Sidhartha Gautama founds Buddihsm

563 BCE

Jesus Born


Jesus Crucified on the Cross

30 CE

Establishment of Christianity

40 CE

Muhammad (founder of Islam) born n Mecca

570 CE

Mohammad dies in Jerusalem at the Dome of The Rock Site

632 CE


Civilaztion devolps in Ancient Greece

1600 BCE

Ancient Greece is located in present day Europe.The civilization developed a series of city states in Athens and Sparta.

Homer write Illiad and the odyssey

890 BCE

City states of Athens and Sparta devolp

800 BCE

These city states where developed because Ancient Greece was formed on Mountains .

Ancient Rome founded by Romulus and Remus

753 BCE

Ancient Rome Founded by Romulus and Remus

753 BCE

Rome develop Republic System of goverment with checks and balances

509 BCE

Democracy invented in Athens

508 BCE

Socrates born : Invented Socratic Method

469 BCE

Trial of Socrates: Socrates Dies

399 BCE

Julius Caesar is Murdered - Roman Republic end

44 BCE

The Roman Republic believed that Julius Caesar was to Powerful as a leader. they thought that he was turning everybody against the government. So, the decided to kill him.

Augustus is first Emperor of the Roman Empire: Pax Romana

44 BCE

Roman Empire at its largest

117 CE

Aristotle born : studies with pluto

384 CE

Fall of the Roman Empire

410 CE

Europe in The Middle Ages

Arabs take control of Jerusalam

638 CE

Feudal system devolps in Europe

850 CE

The Feudal system is an type of Government.

First Crusade

1099 CE

Magna Carta limits the power of British monarch

1215 CE

The Magna Carta states that the Monarchy has to follow al of the rules just like the common people. He is not exempt from the rules because he has to lead by example.

First Bubonic Plague Outbreak

1347 CE

Empires of Ghana and Mali

Complex societies exist in Ghana

1500 BCE

Kingdom of Ghana in Northwest Africa

830 CE - 1237 CE

Berber Empire takes over Ghana by military force

1235 CE

Mansa Musa rules Kingdom of Mali

1280 CE - 1337 CE

Mansa Mussa was the most powerful emperor they had.

Mansa Musa takes a Hajj to Mecca

1324 CE

Every year the Mansa Musa has to take a Hajj to Mecca. This is an requirement. .

Kingdom of Mali becomes weakend

1599 CE


Printing Press Invented by Guttenberg.Renaissance begins

1430 CE

When the printing press was invented people where able to gain a better education. They had more ways to get their papper so the could read,also it was cheaper.

Donatello sculpts David

1430 CE - 1440 CE

Drawing Technique of perspective invented


The Renaissance made the drawing and pictures look more realistic. It had a better perspective on things.

Learnardo DaVinci dissests cadavers to gain...

1489 CE - 1519 CE

MickaelAngelo sculpts La Petite

1501 CE

Learnardo Davinci Paints paints Mona Lisa

1503 CE

Rapheal paints School of Athens

1510 CE - 1511 CE

Shakesspeare born; writes the play Macbeth in England

1564 CE

Galileo provides evidence for heliocentricity and is put on trial by the Church

1610 CE

William Harvey discovery the heart pumps blood around the body

1628 CE

Isaac Newton Discoverys gravity

1687 CE


1879 CE

European Imperialism in Africa begins

1880 CE

Scopes Trial- John Scopes convicted of violating Butler Act

1925 CE

Space Race begins

1957 CE

President Eisenhower makes sputnik speech warning of the dangers

1957 CE

Butler Act overturned

1967 CE

Soviet Union launches first satellite ( SPUTNIK) into space

1967 CE

U.S lands first man on the man

1969 CE

The us was able to gain bragging rights. This a big deal beocause no man has ever done this before.

Nixon Watergate skandal breaks out

1972 CE

Nixon decided to hire a spy to go and spy on the oposing team. This was an illegal action on his end.

Nixon is forced to resighn

1974 CE

Paul Kagame rises to power and Genocide in rwanda ends

1994 CE

Romeo Dallaire goes to Rwanda to try to stop the Genocide


Romeo tries to stop the Gonocide, but they will not allow him to help them. It is a bige race problem.

Rover lands on Mars

2004 CE


Martin LutherNails 95 Theses to the door of the Guttenberg Church

1517 CE

Martin Luther was upset that the council was agreeing with selling indulgence. He knew that wasn't wright and he didn't agree with it.

King Henry Viii is exocommunited and founds the Anglican

1531 CE

John Calvin founds Calvinist Church based on idea of Predestination

1536 CE

Catholic Church holds Council of trent Counterreforminatin begins

1545 CE - 1563 CE

Age of Exploration

Aztecs domesticate Maize

2500 BCE

The Aztecs are able to make Maize which is corn.

Invention of the Astrolabe makes sea travel easier

1050 AD

Aztecs invent Chocolate

1200 CE

Aztec City of (TENOCHTITLAN) founded

1325 CE

Constantinople falls to the Ottoman Empire and land route to china

1453 CE

AGe of Exploration in search of a sea route in china

1453 CE

Christopher Columbus travels to the Americas instead

1492 CE

Christopher Columbus comes to America. When he came to America actually he actually stole land from the native Americans.

Columbus returns to island of Espanola with 17 ships and 1000

1493 CE

Indigenous people in the Americas killed with smallpox blankets

1507 CE

Spanish leader Cortes and Aztecs and Decimate the Aztec Population

1519 CE - 1521 CE

Spanish try to convert Aztecs and decimate the Aztec Population

1519 CE - 1521 CE

Triangle Trade

Atlantic slave trade ( TRIANGLE TRADE) begins

1600 CE

13th Ammendement passed- Slavery outlawd in US

1863 CE

Atlantic Slave Trade

1897 CE


Age of Enlightment

1650 CE - 1804 CE

Thomas Hobbes Writes Leviathon about how people need the goverment

1652 CE

John Locke published 2nd Treaties on Government..

1689 CE

Montesquieu write Sprite of ther Laws advocating seperation of powers

1748 CE

Rouseau writes treaties on Social Contract

1762 CE

Voltaire invents the idea of Civil Liberties

1763 CE

French and American Revolutions

British Pariliament passes the stamp act

1765 CE

British government passes the Tea Act

1773 CE

Louis xvi rules as absolute monarch of France

1774 CE - 1789 CE

War Breaks out between British an the American Colonist

1775 CE

Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson

1776 CE

American Revolutionary War Ends

1783 CE

US Constitution writen

1787 CE

Bill of Rights added to the US Constitution

1789 CE

The bill of rights was added to the constitution so that everybody was equal. It states the different rights that people have in order to go through certain things. It allows people to state and vice their opinion.

John Locke Begins with a meeting of the estates in generla

1789 CE

Storming of the Bastile

1789 CE

The Storming of the Bastille was an Dangerous , Violent, and very important war that took place.

Declaration of the rights of Man and the Citzen

1789 CE

Englishman Burke and Paine Disagree about the French revolution

1790 CE

King Louis XVI executed and France declares itself a republic

1792 CE

Robespierre leads Reign of Terror

1793 CE - 1794 CE

Napoleon comes to power and restores peace

1804 CE

Industrial Revolution

Enclosure Acts

1750 CE - 1860 CE

Industrial Revolution begins

1750 CE

Factory System Begins

1750 CE

Steam engine invented by Watt

1763 CE

Factory Acts passed in England limiting work of Woman

1830 CE

Strong , Flexible Steel devolped

1856 CE

Industrial Revolution ends

1914 CE

Modern Connections

European Imperialism in Africa Begins

1880 CE

Rwanda gains independence from Belgium imperialists Control

1932 CE

Rwanda no longer has to be under Beligerioum control. They are free.

Israel founded

1948 CE

UN Genocide Convention in the aftermath of the Holocaust

1948 CE

First Israel/Palestine Conflict

1948 CE

Hutu power begins genocide of the Tutsis

1994 CE

The Hutus had a bad hatred about the Tutsis. The felt as if the Tutsis thought that they where better than them. So, the decided that they where going to kill every Tutsis there was, and they almost succeeded.

President Clinton hosts Camp David Peace Talks...

2000 CE