World War I


Franco Prussian War

1870 - 1871

German-French rivalry

Kaiser Wilhelm II crowned


Wilhelm II fires Bismarck


Russia and France sign defensive alliance


in response to Germany and Austria-Hungary alliance

British concerned with German building power and ally with France


Austria-Hungary sends ultimatum to Serbia


demand to be able to search Serbia to see if they had a part in the assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Assasination of Archduke Ferdinand

June 28, 1914

France invades Alsace and Lorraine

August 1914

stalemate resulted

Germans invade Belgium

August 4, 1914

Battle of Liege - crucial delay in Schlieffen Plan - had to use zeppelins and Big Bertha gun; German "monster" reputation begins

First Battle of the Marne

5 September 1914 - 12 September 1914

French and British are able to prevent German from swift and decisive victory