Devil In The White City


Holmes married Clara Loverling

July 4, 1878

First of a few, some he kills, some mysteriously disappear, and some die of natural causes

Holmes bought the land for his "murder castle"

June 22, 1888

This is where many people's remains will be found later on in the story.

John Root died of pneumonia

January 15, 1891

He was an architectual genius and died at the age of 41.

Mayor Harrison was killed by Patrick Prendergast

October 28, 1893

Patrick was a murderer and killed the mayor.

Patrick Prendergast was sentenced to death and was hung

July 13, 1894

For his crime the penalty was death.

Detective Geyer started to search for the Pitezel kids

June 26, 1895

He had to go look for the kids.

Detective Geyer found the remains of Alice and Nellie Pitezel in Toronto

July 15, 1895

The detective found children's remains from the kids he was looking for.

Chicago detectives found human remains in Holmes "Death Castle"

July 19, 1895

As I said earlier a lot of human remains were found here.

3 trials and verdicts for Dr. H. H. Holmes

September 12, 1895
  • On November 11, 1985, Holmes stood trial for the murder of Benjamin Pitezel and on September 12, 1895, a Philadelphia jury indicted him for the crime.
  • On September 12, 1895, an Indianapolis grand jury indicted Holmes for murdering Howard Pitezel.
  • On the same day the Indianapolis jury indicted Holmes he was also indicted in Toronto by a jury for murdering Alice and Nellie Pitezel.

Holmes was given the death penalty and died of hanging

May 7, 1896

He killed over 20 people the death penalty makes sense.