Europe Timeline


Battle of Hastings

1066 - October 15, 1066

William the Conqueror defeated King Harold and became crowned as King 10 weeks later.

Domesday Book


The Domesday Book was a book commissioned by William the Conqueror to access the extent of land and resources being owned in England at the time, and the extent of the taxes he could raise. All information recorded about this information was by hand and put into two huge books.

Henry I becomes Roman Emperor

1106 - 1125

Henry I defeats Robert, Duke if Normandy. He imprisons Robert for the remainder of life.

King John signs Magna Carta


The Magna Carta was a document that forced the Kings to follow the same laws as their subjects. This was a major toward equality and decreased prices on taxation.

Henry III becomes King of England

1216 - 1272

Henry III is only 9 years old when he gets crowned king, until Henry reaches adulthood a regent-protector controls the kingdom. Henry III's reign lasts 52 years .

Black Death Plague

1347 - 1350

This plague arrived in Italy and Cypress, carried from eastern Asia. This plague was a life threatening disease that made many people fear for their lives, it was spread by rats and rodents.

Renaissance Begins

1350 - 1700

The Renaissance began in Italy, renaissance means "rebirth" of studies from the ancient world. Thinkers/ scholars went forward by learning backwards, meaning to they researched the ancient world to help get inspiration from Ancient Greece and Rome because they had many achievements