Gary Soto Timeline


The birth of Gary Soto

April 12, 1952

On this Day Gary Soto was born in Fresno, California.

Family struggles

January 9, 1960

His family had a hard time finding work. His family moved all the time. He was not a good student at an early age.

Becoming an educated person

May 19, 1974

Gary Soto graduated from California State University in 1974. He earned a degree in English studies.

Graduate school

December 9, 1976

Gary Soto finishes his graduate studies a the University of California. There he discovered that he wants to become a writer.


July 25, 1977

He meets and is inspired by the best Latin American writer the novelist Gabriel García Márquez.

First book

December 21, 1977

He publishes his first book in the summer of 1977. The book is: The Elements of San Joaquin.

Pulitzer Prize nomination

Feb 13, 1978

The Tale of Sunlight was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry

Medal for Film Excellence

June 26, 1993

Gary Soto received the prestigious Andrew Carnegie Medal for Film Excellence from the Association for Library Service to Children for his production work on the film The Pool Party.

Hispanic Heritage Award for Literature

September 6, 1999

Gary Soto received the Hispanic Heritage Award for Literature for Petty Crimes.

Gary Soto Literary Museum

May 6, 2010

The Old Administration Building at Fresno City College become the home of the Gary Soto Literary Museum.