Module 2 Honors Assignment


Einstein performs an "oopsiedaisy"

August 2, 1939

Einstein informs the president that research into "nuclear chains" could lead to the creation of powerful bombs. way to go Albert.

A peaceful reactor!

August 14, 1947

at the Brookhaven Lab, a reactor is made with the intent to use atomic energy for a peaceful purpose, this is the first of its kind. i sure hope that sticks

Promising but a tad Hypocritical

December 8, 1953

oh... never mind despite rushing to build enough bombs to blow half the planet's socks off in a millisecond, the president of the united states declares that the world should strive to find peaceful uses for atomic energy

more of a collector's item.

August 22, 1958

President Hoover declares that at a prescribed date, the United states will cease nuclear weapon tests. the USA, of course, continues to make more nuclear weapons so that it can continue to not test them

New Years Resolutions Never Stick

September 15, 1961

in an absolutely shocking turn of events, the USA and USSR decide that Nuclear weapons make subpar mantle pieces. they both return to blowing them up. this time under ground

In it for the dough

December 12, 1963

the Jersey central power and light company builds the first reactor to be constructed on "economic grounds" seems like a sound investment

Dicky remembers the good old days

November 7, 1973

Richard Nixon remembers the good old days of the Manhattan project when countless hapless scientists gifted humanity, the most emotionally unstable species to walk the planet with a cosmic backspace key. from this recollection, he somehow extrapolates that america could and should be free of foreign oil.

That was a close one

March 28, 1979

things nearly get pretty messy at the Three mile island nuclear plant. turns out, while atomic energy is great for flattening urban areas, such convenience may not be entirely translatable to powering a toaster. luckily it was only a partial meltdown. everyone agrees that it can't go any worse than it already has and forgets about it.


April 26, 1986

turns out it can. Chernobyl is gone and everyone begins to question whether nuclear power plants are safe.... they decide they had better build a few hundred more to be sure

Secretary Herrington has a proposition

May 14, 1986

the wolves in chernobyl are glowing.... residents insist they didn't used to do that. in response to this, the united states conducts an investigation into weather nuclear energy is safe.