Bullying History


The word "Bullying"

1530 - 1539

The word ‘bully’ is traced back to the 1530's (Donegan, 2012).

Bullying Defined


First official report and definition of bullying by The Times in 1862 following the death of a soldier due to bullying (Allanson, et al., 2015).

Input from Olweus

1970 - 1979

Olweus (professor of psychology) believed bullying was physical, psychological and continuous (Allanson et al., 2015).

Taking Bullying Seriously

1980 - 1989

In US: prior to 1980's bullying was not seen as a serious threat, rather as the norm or rite of passage (Allanson et al., 2015)



1999: Columbine High School: 2 students brought 50 bombs to school, shot 23 students (13 fatalities) and took their own lives after being bullied (Allanson et al., 2015)

Social Awareness Grows

2000 - 2009

2000: Bullying in schools has drawn national awareness (Allanson et al., 2015).

Case 1


J.S v. Bethlehem Area School: Student expelled for creating an online page that had threatening and derogatory comments on members of the administration (Donegan, 2012).

Case 2


13 year old Ryan Halligan committed suicide after being bullied at school and online (Allanson et al., 2015).

Vermont Takes Action


Vermont adopts Bullying Prevention Law (Allanson et al., 2015).

United States vs. Lori Drew


Drew & daughter created a fake Myspace account to send hateful comments to 13 year old Megan Meier, which led to Meier committing suicide. Court ruled in Meier’s favor and led to state establishment of cyberbullying laws (Donegan, 2012).