The Life of Hernan Cortes


Hernan decided to sail to the New World and make a life for himself there. He sailed to what is now Haiti.


Cortes worked with the governor of Hispaniola, who took Cortes on a conquest of Cuba. Cortes was rewarded with land and slaves.


Diego Valasquez became the governor of Cuba. He made Cortes one of his top officials.


Diego Valasquez named Cortes the captain of an expedition to Mexico. After a fight, he cancelled the voyage, but Cortes ignored him and set sail.


Cortes sailed into Veracruz and took it by force.

July 1519

The Aztec people tried to appease Cortes by giving him gold and other treasures. Cortes didn't trust the people, though, and he took Montezuma hostage.

November 1519

Valasquez sent men to go to war with Cortes in Mexico. Cortes' men came out the winners.


Cortes has Montezuma killed

July 1520

Cortes takes over the Aztec Empire