Theodore Roosevelt Timeline

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Birth date


There were four children in all -
Anna ("Bamie" or "Bye"), Theodore ("Teedie" to his family and very close friends. He hated to be called "Teddy"), Elliott ("Ellie") and Corinne ("Coney").

Abraham Lincoln's funeral


Watches Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession from an upstairs window of his grandfather's house on Union Square, New York City. With him are his younger brother Elliott and a friend named Edith Kermit Carow.

Attended Harvard College

1876 - 06/30/1880

Attended Harvard College

Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. Dies


Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. dies from stomach cancer at the family's new home, 6 West 57th Street, NYC.

Joins the Republican Party


Joins the Republican Party

Graduates from Harvard


Graduates from Harvard, magna cum laude, member Phi Beta Kappa

Columbia Law School

07/01/1880 - 1882

Enters Columbia Law School in October 1880; discontinued study of law in 1882 without taking a degree or becoming a lawyer.

Marries Alice Hathaway Lee


Marries Alice Hathaway Lee of Chestnut Hill, MA on his 22nd birthday.
(Alice born July 29, 1861)

Elected to New York State Assembly


Elected to New York State Assembly from New York City (the youngest man ever elected to the Assembly) by a margin of 3,490 votes to 1,989.
Serves three one-year terms, 1882, 1883 and 1884. Minority Leader 1883.

The Naval War of 1812


Publishes first book, The Naval War of 1812, written partly while TR was in college. It set the standard for studies on naval strategy and was required reading at the Naval Academy in Annapolis for many years.

Served in New York State Assembly.

1882 - 1884

Served in New York State Assembly.