60,000 B.C.E - 650 C.E


ancient egypt begins

3100 b.c - 30 b.c

Ancient Egypt was a long-lived civilization located in north-eastern Africa

Rameses the Great becomes Pharaoh

1279 BC

At age fourteen, Ramesses was appointed Prince Regent by his father Seti I.

the trojan war

1200 bc - 750 bc

In Greek mythology, the Trojan War was waged against the city of Troy by the Achaeans (Greeks) after Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband Menelaus, king of Sparta.

FIrst olympic Games.

776 B.C.E - 393 C.E

In Olympia, Greece, the olympics ran from from 776 BC through 393 AD, it took 1503 years for the Olympics to return.

the peloponnesian war

404 bc - 160 bc

The Peloponnesian War was an ancient Greek war fought by the Delian League led by Athens against the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta.

alexander the great is born

July 356 BC

alexander the great lived for 33 years.

christianity becomes official religion of rome

300 B.C.E

Nicene Christianity became the state church of the Roman Empire with the Edict of Thessalonica in 380 AD

Qin Emperor unifies China

221 B.C

In 221 B.C

julius ceaser gets killed

44 BC

The assassination of Julius Caesar was the result of a conspiracy by many Roman senators

Building of the Colosseum

70 C.E

The Colosseum is a large arena built in the first century under the Roman emperors of the Flavian dynasty