assessment for hass 2018


Vikings Invade Ireland

795 C.E. - 835 C.E.

The first recorded viking raid. This was in the 9th century.

The Battle of Hastings

14th october 1066 C.E.

Fought to gain control of England

the crusades

1096 C.E. - 1291 C.E.

this was a series of religious wars

magna carta

1215 C.E.

big discussion to make sure that royalty has to follow the law and not be above it.

Marco Polo

1254 C.E. - 1324 C.E.

In the year 1217 Marco polo made his journey to asia and did not come back for 17 years.

the black death

1347 C.E. - 1350 C.E.

most devastating disease recorded in history

leonardo da vinci

1452 C.E. - 1519 C.E.

one of the most famous inventors and artists of all time.

William Shakespere

1564 C.E. - 1616 C.E.

most famous play write.

english civil war

1642 - 1649

a battle to control the goverment

The Great Fire of London


one of the most devastating fires in recorded history that lasted for three days.