Technique and Technology Timeline


First Cricket Bat


An inquest was carried out after a fielder was killed from the batsman hitting him on the head to prevent the ball being caught. Bowlers used to bowl underarm so the bat was shaped like a hockey stick

Cricket Bat Changed


The cricket bat became parallel with a maximum width of 4.25". This caused the bats to be extremely heavy.

Cricket bat Became lighter


the rules got changed and round arm bowling was allowed. This mean there was more bounce so the cricket bat became lighter with a higher swell.

Splice Handles


the ball was starting to travel faster after release so bat makers started to splice handles into bats. Handles were either solid willow or ash

Bat restricted


The cricket bat was restricted to 38" and is still the same today.

Springs were Added


there was spring being put into the handles of the cricket bat. They were initially whalebone and later it was Indian rubber.

Cane in Handle making


Thomas Nixon who was a cricketer, introduced the use of cane in handle.

Handles changed


Handles became intricate constructions and were nearly all made of cane with indian rubber grips

Customized bats


Most cricketers own more than one bat and they have different brands and sponsors on them for each individual.