U.S.- Israel


Belfour Declaration


The declaration was deliberately contrived to allow the British to renege on earlier promises to France and the Arabs regarding Palestine. Lloyd George reportedly said that British control over Palestine would prevent it from falling into the hands of the agnostic atheistic French. Another hypothesis, is that the declaration was intended to curry favor with the Jews, so that the Jews in the United States and Russia would influence their governments to support the British cause in the war. However, the declaration did not fall as a bolt from the blue, but was rather the culmination of a long tradition in Britain that supported restoration of the Jews to their own land for philosophical, religious and imperialistic motives.

1948 War


Israel wins the first war against its Arab neighbors leading to the establishment of the state of Israel. The United States is the first country to recognize Israel in the United Nations. This is the beginning of the nation

Suez Crisis


The Suez Crisis began on 26 July 1956, when, following the United States' decision to withdraw its offer of a grant to aid the construction of Egypt's Aswan High Dam, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. The governments of Britain and France secretly began planning for an invasion of Egypt. Tensions remained high until 15 November, when United Nations forces were brought into Egypt to provide a buffer between the Egyptians and the invasion forces.

Six Day War


Israel fights its third war in the region against the armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria, and emerges victorious and in control of the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, Syria's Golan Heights, and Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. The war was very damaging and harmful to all the countries involved. The US provided support to Israel.

October/Yom Kippur War


Egypt and Syria attack Israel in October of 1973 in an attempt to reclaim lands lost in the Six-Day War. Israel initially suffers major losses until the United States arranged a massive airlift of weapons which helped Israel in its counteroffensive. The other countries needed a retreat.

Camp David Accords


President Jimmy Carter mediates negotiations between Egypt's Anwar Sadat and Israel's Menachem Begin leading to the Camp David Accords, the prerequisite to the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty. Carter was praised for his handling of the situation. Al-Qaida was created as a result of this event.

War of Lebanon


Israel gets explicitly involved in the Lebanese Civil War, attacking Syrian and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) forces. The United States mediates an agreement with the PLO to withdrawal which leads to American troop deployment in Lebanon. The war is devastating and alters Lebanon's fate.

Trying Peace

1991 - 2013

The United States plays a mediating role between Israel and its neighboring Arab countries. Leading to the Madrid Conference (1991), Oslo Process/Accords (1993), the Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty (1994), and most recently the Roadmap For Peace. These events have helped our relationship with Israel.

War with Lebanon (Again)


Israel attacks Lebanon in retaliation for the Hezbollah kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. Questions arose about whether or not Israel used American supplied weapons during the conflict. These questions are still be asked regarding US involvement in the war.



The US has repeatedly assisted and supported Israel from the time of it's creation to now. It was the first country to recognize Israel as it's own independent country. Through repeated wars and attacks by other Arab nations, Israel has survived and is now a safe haven for many people of Jewish heritage and for many Arab refugees. The US has provided support by providing weapons and resources to Israel. They have also placed trade embargos and demands on the nations attacking Israel. They have held peace talks between the nations, as observed by President Jimmy Carter when he got a treaty signed by two rival Arab leaders. Although US support for Israel is waning in terms of support for the war, we have established a strong trading market with them.