chapter 1&2


2700 b.c-khufu built the great pyrimid at giza

2700 b.c

2350 b.c-first known empire was establised

2350 b.c

2166 b.c-abraham was born

2166 b.c

2100 b.c.-Egypt's Age of the people begins

2100 b.c.

crete earliest center of civilization in agean region

1600 b.c.

1570 b.c-Egypt's Age of the Empire begins

1570 b.c

1446 b.c-isrialites lead out egypt by moses

1446 b.c

dorians invaded mycenaeans

1200 b.c

homer created epic poems about the dark ages

1150 b.c

greek political system that developed

1000 B.C

722 b.c.-Sargon II destroys Samaria (Assyrians)

722 b.c.

solon lead athens in taking a step twords democracy

694 b.c.

605 b.c-nebuchadnezzar began to settle in asia

605 b.c

586 b.c.-jerusalem was destroyed

586 b.c.

586 b.c-jews caried into babylon

586 b.c

Peloponnesian War

500 b.c.

Socrates Father of philosophy was born

469 B.C.

persian force landed 25 miles north of athens

466 b.c.

father of madicine was born

460 b.c.

established a school of philosophy and science called the academy

385 b.c.

tutor of alexander the great was born

384 b.c.

alexander the great with his conquering armies amassed a huge empire

336 b.c.