The History Of Energy


Greeks Discover Electricity

600 B.C

Greeks rub amber against straw to create electricity

The Labeling Of "Electricity"

Oct. 3, 1600

After he studied Greek amber experiments, the word "electricity" was created by William Gilbert, in 1600.

Ben Franklin: The Kite Experiment

Jun. 3, 1752

Ben held a kite up towards the sky with a key connected to the end.... and what did he discover? Lightning really is electricity!

The First Electric Battery

Jun. 6, 1800

Alessandro Volta made an electric travel through brine-soaked cloth due to the metal inside.

The Creation of the First Watermill

Oct. 3, 1852

By using a turbine and two buckets, Lester Pelton made the first water mill.

The Perfecting of the Light Bulb

Aug. 30, 1879

Thomas Edison was the first to successfully harness electricities light properties and create the light bulb!

Windmills Are Now Producing Energy?!

Jul. 3, 1887

James Blyth made the first windmill to successfully produce electricity.

The Discovery of Energy Waves

Jun. 7, 1888

Henry Hertz discovered what energy waves are and how you measure them (in Hertz).

The Invention of the Solar Energy Cell

Aug. 10, 1941

Russel Ohl made it possible to harvest energy from the sun.

Alternative Energy

Dec. 31, 2008

Hydropower, followed by solar and wind power, is the most used alternative and renewable source of energy, by 2008.