Untitled timeline


Townsend act

1767 - 1770

A new revenue act on the colonies from the British , it taxes glass ,paper ,tea ,paint ,and paper. The colonies protest and smuggle goods , so the British use the writs of assistance to prevent this.

Boston massacre

March 5 1770 - March 6 1770

A bunch of boys were drunk and unemployed , they were out on the streets of Boston on kings street , and one soldier was watching guard by the Barracks and the boys were being mean so the soldier pounded the end of his gun on one of the boys head and all the other boys started fighting and it became a gun and violent fight.

Tea act

1773 - 1776

Colonists can only buy tea from one company

Boston tea party

December 16 1773 - December 17 1773

3 colonists dressed up and didn't let the tea get into the colonies and later on dumped all the tea into the sea

Intolerable acts

1774 - 1776

The British were punishing the colonies by closing all outwards supporting shipping ports so there the only one, and all British troops or officials will get shipped back if breaking a law Nd won't get punished.

First continental congress

September 1774 - May 1775

The colonies will boycott all British trade and supply and mercantilism

Lex/concord (minute men)

April 19, 1775

The battles that started the war , the minute men wanted to be free