Harlem Renaissance Art


NAACP is founded

March 11 1910

Sixty black Americans are known to have been lynched in 1911.

August 10 1915

A writer named Benjamin Brawley wrote and published a work called The Negro in Art and Literature in the United States.

October 22 1919

Harlem Renaissance was a significant movement in African American literature and other arts during the 1920’s .

March 15 1920

The Boston Public Library has an exhibition of African-American visual arts and literature.

September 5 1922

Aaron Douglas arrives in New York; his art style becomes the official one of the Harlem Renaissance.

April 13 1923

Sargent Johnson has an exhibit of his paintings at the San Francisco Art Association

November 6 1925

Harmon Foundation first annual art exhibit of African-American artists’ works

April 25 1926

Chiefly literary, the Renaissance included the visual arts but excluded jazz, despite its parallel emergence as a black art form.

June 13 1926

The short-lived literary and art magazine, Fire!!, is launched by Langston Hughes, Wallace Thurman and Zora Neale Hurston, with illustrations by Aaron Douglas and Richard Bruce Nugent

August 3 1926