Energy Events




In the 900s the first windmill was recorded to grind grains, hence the name windmill. This discovery will lead to the modern day wind turbine that produce electricity.

Windmills in Europe


Thanks to the traditional Persian windmill in 644 windmills were introduced to Europe in the 1100s providing a more efficient way to grind grain.

Commercial Coal Mining


In the beginning of the 13th century commercial coal mining is introduced to Europe, specifically London

Water Energy


In 1582 the first energy produced by water turning wheels or waterworks was founded in London. This would lead to hydroelectricity that you see today

Birth of The Steam Engine

1712 - 1775

In 1712 Thomas Newcomer improved the early steam engine and in 1765 James Watt adapted it even further and created the modern day steam engine. This kick started the industrial revolution and opened many doors for travel and trade.

The Beginning of Solar Power


A French scientist named Henry Becquerel discovered photo voltaic cells that allow for the suns energy to be turned into electricity.



In 1892 the first geothermal heating system is built in Boise, Idaho.

Hydroelectric Power


In 1935 the Hoover Dam, the largest hydroelectric power plant is built, the Hoover Dam.

Nuclear Power Station


Britain constructs its first Nuclear Power plant in 1956 at Calder Hall.

Solar Power Generation Plant


This is the world's largest concentrated solar power generation plant goes online.