Between the war timetable


Spanish Flu

1918 - 1920

The 'Spanish Flu' was a terrible disease which had spread worldwide. This was due to all the troops who had come back from WW1 and had picked up the influenza. In Australia many people got sick mostly young men. This was a surprise as any flu generally was targeted to young kids and old sick people. But with the Spanish Flu it was very contagious and anyone could be affected. This had spread very fast worldwide of which killed over 50 million people and roughly 11,500 of them in Australia.

Treaty of Versailles

June 28, 1919

In January 1919, 32 countries came to Paris in the Palace of Versailles. The reason for this was to hold a conference which was lead by; David Lloyd George- Britain Woodrow Wilson -USA and Georges Clemenceau- France. This conference would be to overlook WW1 and create peace. In this conference the three leaders were to decide what punishment would be best suited for Germany as they lost the war. Germany was not included or invited to this conference.

In 28 June, 1919, the three leaders and two German representatives had met in the Hall of Mirrors allocated in the Palace of Versailles. The two were forced to sign the contract and meet all the required punishments/ reparations.

Mussolini becomes Italian Prime Minister

October, 1922

Mussolini comes to serve in the office in 1922. He became the youngest Italian Prime Minister but since 2014 that record has been broken. But Mussolini is still holds a record of serving the longest time in the office of 20 years. He ruled from 1922 till 1943 and soon died in April 28, 1945 as he was shot by Italian partisans. Along with him his mistress Claretta Petacci was shot, both were hung after upside down in the Piazza Loreto in Milan. Many came to see the 'delightful' death of the man who everyone wanted gone.

Invention of liquid-fueled rockets

March 16, 1926

The day the first ever liquid fueled rocket launched was in March 16, 1926. The inventor of this was Robert Goddard. Once Robert launched his rocket it reached a travelling speed of 60 mph (95km/h) and it only remain flying up for 2 seconds. The rocket itself in size was 10 feet and once it was launched it reached an altitude of 41 feet.

The First Solo Nonstop Transatlantic Flight

May 20, 1927 - May 21, 1927

Charles A. Lindbergh was the man who completed the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight which begun from New York to the final destination in Paris. He was set to go on this flight across the Atlantic ocean early in the morning on the 20th May 1927. He was ready and determined to take on 3,600 miles which was a 33 hour flight with no breaks. This was a really long duration whereas now this flight can be done within 7 hours.

Great Depression

1929 - 1939

The Great Depression was a hectic time for many. It was a time when the economic had collapse. This caused stress for everyone and over half of U.S Banks got bankrupt and in 1935 an estimation of 750,000 farms closed down due to Bank failure. In Germany over 25% were unemployed and this was a start to Adolf Hitler's rise in his Nazi Party after the elections in 1932. During this time trade works were disastress, the imports that were made were limited or restricted. Many coutries lowered their imports which caused little wars which lead to the beginning of WW2. From this 60 million people died.

Discovery of Pluto

February 18, 1930

The first discovery of Pluto also known as the Dwarf Planet was in 1930. Pluto has the same routine as the our planets which orbit the sun. The man who discovered Pluto was Clyde Tombaugh an astronomer from the United States. Since then many discoveries have been made and more are still being discovered.

Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge

March 19, 1932

The Sydney Harbour Bridge one of Australia's famous and honored land remarks. The place where many now conquer challenges and of course ride their cars, bikes and walk across. The construction of the bridge was very complex and 1,400 men (workers) had dedicated themselves for 8 years till the end. In the end they all had execute the 4.2 million dollar project which is widely known for its complex feature.

But the opening of the bridge attracted many locals and others from the country. Jack Lang the Premier of New South Wales was giving the opening speech but soon interrupted by Captain Francis de Groot (New Guard) who rode his way on a horse into the ribbon. He was arrested and Jack was able to cut a new ribbon and allow everyone the experience the great event.

Mussolini's Abyssinian War

October, 1935 - May, 1936

Benito Mussolini Italy's Prime Minister had been planning to attack and show that his army was powerful and so he could show to his people that he was a great leader and powerful. Mussolini had send 100,000 Italian troops and planed and invaded Northern Abyssinia. There were many reasons as to why Mussolini had attacked, him along with many other nations and countries were dealing with economic problems. So he resorted to attacking the 'weakest' country and enlarge his empire along with having their economy which Mussolini was desperate for.
But during this hard time Abyssinian had told the League of Nations but many seemed careless, this was also the point of time which the League of Nations did not have the 'power' to do much, which is why it ended and wasn't popular anymore.

Black Friday

January 13, 1939

The bushfire which occured on January 13, 1939 also known as Black Friday had cause a drastic 'never' ending drought with its continuous hot dry summer.
Allocated in Victoria, Australia 75% of the land there had been affected. It was described as 'Black' smokey and dry. The cause of the fire was not only due to high temperatures it had human factors to it. It is said that maybe land owners were clearing their land recklessly and contributed to the start of the bushfire, also campers being disrespectful could have triggered the fire. But from this the outcome was huge 71 lives were lost along with many thousands of sheep, cattle and horses died. The fire also affected farmers and workers as the fire burned all equipments eg. sawmills.
Black Friday didn't just affect Victoria it affected most of Australia as there were strong winds heading from Victoria to all throughout Australia. This concluded to the whole of Australia having a really hot summer which lead to droughts.